Black Latte Detailed Review


Black Latte Detailed Review

Are you tired of those extra kilos? Do not you get slim? Maybe you’ll gain kilos right after losing them? Do you really want to put on your favorite dress again, but you can not “get into” it and buying nice clothes is a big problem? Use Black Latte.

“I am very grateful to all those people who called me fat and treated me with condescension, if it were not for you, I would still be as fat,” says María Zabala Serrano whomanaged to lose 26 kg . I tried many different diets on the way to a perfect body, but the most effective proved to be a very simple method . María has told us in detail about this method that makes the extra kilos never come back. Here is his fascinating story …

I have never been a thin girl, but the extra kilos were not a special reason to complain about it. After meeting my future husband Pablo, I started eating even more than before and came to reason only when I got really fat.

When I met Pablo, I started eating even more than before and regained consciousness only when I got really fat

Pablo and I have been together for more than 7 years and, during this time, we have had two children. But until recently, we had, as they say now, a part-time marriage. Pablo lived in his apartment, worked hard and came to see me from time to time. Then, he left again.

From the beginning of our relationship, I did not stop waiting for him to ask me for a marriage. That was my dream!

When will you ask me for marriage? That was my dream!

After I got pregnant for the first time, I thought we would get married for sure, but I was very wrong. Pablo kept making visits to me, while I kept expecting him …

When our eldest son was born, Pablo and I were very happy. He began to take care of us and help us in everything. I felt how much he loved us, but with a special love.

When our son turned 2 years old, we decided to go on vacation together for 2 weeks. Sea, sun and beach. I miss that vacation!

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A good hotel in Egypt with a beach just for us and all inclusive was the perfect choice for us.

When we were on the beach, I suddenly realized that Pablo did not stop looking at a girl. I did not say anything, but simply decided to keep observing him. At first, I thought that she had fallen in love at first sight, but a little later, she changed the object of her attention and began to observe another girl, and then another, and many more!

I was super angry! It seemed as if my son and I did not exist for him.

It turned out that he liked skinny girls!

I never wanted to look like a jealous fool, so after I calmed down a bit, I began to analyze the situation and quickly realized that all those girls he had been watching for several days had one thing in common – they were twice as thin as me! He had finally come to his senses – he liked skinny girls! Maybe that’s why he behaved like that in our relationship?

I even have a picture where he holds me in his arms, but look at another “skinny” girl, look:

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Pablo had never told me that he did not like my figure. He had never asked me to lose weight. And he had not asked me for marriage either, something I was waiting impatiently for.

Those thoughts did not leave me alone, so I gave myself to eat to feel better. I spent 2 weeks there eating, triple what I normally eat.

When I returned from vacation, I weighed myself and I was stunned. I returned from sunny Egypt with a nice tan and 9.5 kg more. It almost gives me a psychosis.

I started looking around the Internet for some method to lose weight and, a few weeks later, I realized that I was pregnant for the second time! The holidays had been fruitful in the true sense of the word. It is clear that in that state I could not lose weight …

I kept thinking that Pablo did not like me as a woman

I kept thinking that he did not like Pablo as a woman. I was even willing to have an abortion. I am very happy that Paul has forbidden me even to think about it.

This is how we had a second child. And everything went back to being as before. Paul surrounded us with his love, care and attention, but only during the hours he was with us. There was not a single thing in my apartment except for a toothbrush. To avoid thinking about all that, I devoted all my time to the children.

After I stopped breastfeeding, I felt that thoughts about losing weight came back to me every day. I could not forget that vacation when I saw how Pablo could not take his eyes off those thin girls, while in our relationship nothing changed. At that time, weighed those odious 88 kg.

At that time, weighed those odious 88 kg. And finally I decided to lose weight!

And finally I decided to lose weight! I tried everything: about 10 diets, all kinds of training, wraps, saunas, special massages, etc. All that either did not help anything, or it helped temporarily. As soon as those extra kilos were gone, they would come back in a blink of an eye.

One day, at the supermarket, in the bakery section, I met Laura , a girl I met at the hospital when I gave birth to my second child. I barely recognized her – she was almost twice as much as me, but when I saw her, she was 3 times thinnerthan after delivery!

– Amazing! – exclaimed excited instead of saying hello. – I look at you and I can not believe it! Laura, are you really you?

– I’ve thinned a bit, right? – She asked smiling, buying cakes.

– And on top of that you eat sweets ?! How do you do it? How??? I have tried sports, diet and all kinds of saunas. You do not know all the useless things I’ve tried! At the most I lose 3 kg per week, but then I earn 7 so for sure! – I said almost shouting. I remember that moment because people started to turn their heads towards me.

– María, what diet and saunas are you talking about? Anyway, I know what you have to do. We go to my house to have a coffee while my husband is at work and my son in daycare. Me – with the cakes, and you – too, – Laura exclaimed with narrowed eyes, – and I’ll tell you and show you everything, and I’ll even give you a try.

– María, what diet and saunas are you talking about?

I was incredibly intrigued and I accepted immediately. What’s more, Pablo was going on a business trip for 2 weeks the next day, so he dedicated all the previous day to the children. And I could relax a little.

Laura lost 33 kg in 3 and a half months after finishing breastfeeding. I was not on a diet, did not starve and did not go to the gym. He had a normal lifestyle and ate everything he wanted.

His body became as thin as a teenager’s . As strange as it may seem, such a sudden weight loss did not leave a single streak on his skin. At that time, I thought that my Pablo would eat it with his eyes.

I experienced a super intense emotion after discovering how easy she had lost weight. Moreover, anyone can lose weight simply and safely . Your recipe to lose weight left me with my mouth open!

I remembered very well for what I had to go through trying to lose weight. It was hell! I remembered the depression I had after putting myself on a diet, how we argued with Pablo constantly, remembered how he wanted to send everything to shit and began to eat without stopping. And he hated me for that.

I even felt a little bad for the fact that I had gone through all that and because everything had been in vain in vain, since after all, I should have started to lose weight in a completely different way . But I did not get very sad because I knew exactly what to do.

Now, listen carefully to what Laura told me!

The most effective product to lose weight is activated carbon. Once it enters the body, it removes toxic substances by two mechanisms. First, due to the adsorption and its porous structure. Second, due to catalytic reduction (a process that causes negatively charged contaminant ions to attract positively charged carbon ions).

Activated carbon binds toxins in the human body and, because of the binding of its molecules, rapidly eliminates them through the intestines.

Interestingly, most of the beneficial properties of activated charcoal were discovered by the inhabitants of ancient India and China who used it to purify water and then make drinks and wine. A few centuries later, nutritionists called activated carbon one of the best products for body detoxification.

When we got home, Laura made us an unusual latte – it was black. At first, I was surprised, but the taste of the drink turned out to be practically identical to that of ordinary coffee with milk with a dense foam – it was very rich.

“This is the secret of my weight loss – the Black Latte charcoal latte,” Laura said and showed me a packet of black powder she used to make the drink

“This is the secret of my weight loss – the Black Latte charcoal latte ,” Laura said and showed me a packet of black powder she used to make the drink. You do not have to buy any special coffee machine to do it. You just have to throw it in a cup with boiling water and that’s it.

Just take it once a day, preferably in the morning. In this way, all the extra calories that will arrive throughout the day will not be stored in the form of fat. Can you imagine it? It is a dream!

Black Latte Coffee

It can not be true! Is it so easy? – I murmured then.

– Believing or not is, of course, yours. If you like difficulties, I do not understand why you came then. Did you want to know how I got to lose weight? I already told you and, now, do what you want. I am not a seller and I do not intend to sell you anything. If you want – try it. If not – keep drinking water, you can even stop eating completely. By the way, do you want a cake? – Laura asked, offering me my favorite dessert.

– No thanks. I better go.

Back then, I did not know that that hour and a half was going to change my life …

We exchanged phone numbers and left. I spent an hour and a half at Laura’s house. Back then, I did not know that that hour and a half was going to change my life …

I went running home. I turned on the laptop and ordered Black Latte from the website Laura gave me. In 3 days the long-awaited package was already in my hands!

I weighed The scale showed 88.4 kg . From that moment on, every morning I would have a cup of latte.

The next morning, I climbed back to the scale – 88.5 kg. 100 grams more! To say that I was frustrated is to say nothing! I almost panic.

I called Laura.

– Maria, calm down. The weight begins to drop after 4-5 days . Just keep taking it and that’s it. Forget the scale for 5 days. Then, when you weigh yourself again, you’ll see what happens, Laura answered with intrigue.

I kept taking the latte. Without changing anything in my diet, every day I would have a cup of Black Latte in the morning – I was very curious to know what would happen next. I still could not believe that I was really going to start losing weight without changing my daily diet or my lifestyle.

On the sixth day, in the morning, I approached the scale staggering from the excitement I had, I went up and closed my eyes. I was very afraid to look, but after a couple of seconds, I opened my eyes sharply. The scale showed 83.3 kg.

I lost 5 kilos and 100 grams in the first 5 days without changing my daily diet or exercising!

I memorized those first numbers of my success. It was incredible! My heart was about to come out of my chest, and I practically could not breathe in the excitement! I got it!!!

Next week, my menu was still the same as always, except that every day I had a cup of my beloved Black Latte .

I held on to not weigh myself, but even without the scale, I felt I was losing weight. Sometimes, I experienced a pleasant warm feeling in my arms, stomach and thighs. I started to have a lot of energy that I had not had for a long time. Also, I started to feel much less tired than before.

After weighing me a week later, I almost fainted. The scale showed 74.7 kg. That is to say, during the next week I lost almost 9 kg!

In 12 days I became 13 kilos and 700 grams thinner!

Just imagine that you have just lost weight. Imagine how you feel. Feel how proud you are of yourselves, how you like your reflection in the mirror, and then you will understand what I felt.

Of course, I felt that my clothes started to be somewhat “baggy”, but I could not believe that it would be possible tolose 14 kg in less than 2 weeks!

It was 2 days before Pablo returned from his business trip. I was flying from one side to the other as if I had wings, imagining how I would react to my change. The children also awaited their father with a desire for gifts that he always brought them from his business trips.

On the day of Paul’s arrival, we organized a special dinner – we prepared a lot of delicious food and even, for the first time in many years, I cooked his favorite cake called Prague. I was practically not afraid to eat candy!

Pablo arrived just in time for when we just set the table. The children, after hearing the door open, ran into the hall to meet their father.

The door opened, and there was Pablo, with a large bouquet of flowers and lots of boxes with gifts for the children. The boys pounced on him, and Pablo, after seeing me over the heads of the children, was stupefied . The boxes he had in his hands fell to the ground. The bouquet fell with them.

The children jumped with happiness, dragging the boxes, and Pablo, unable to take his eyes off me, bent down to pick up the bouquet.

After a few seconds, we were alone in the hallway. Pablo did not move, it seemed that he was bewitched. I laughed, taking the flowers from her hands.

– What’s wrong? Go home!

– You … How … How is it possible? – Pablo could not believe it.

Well, are you going to kiss me or not? Or do you prefer to stay there?

Suddenly, Pablo grabbed me, picked me up and started to kiss me, and I laughed even more. It shone with joy – I could feel how much he liked it .

– Enough, enough, get me down. Wash your hands and eat.

Pablo looked like someone else that afternoon and, when the children fell asleep, he pounced on me like he was the first time. It was a crazy love night that I did not have for centuries – I had not felt so wanted for many years . Completely exhausted, we fell asleep at dawn.

The next morning, Pablo offered to go all together to the beach for 10 days. Apparently, he closed a successful deal at work and, as a reward, they let him go on vacation. In addition, they paid him a good bonus.

I was in seventh heaven – I had not had such a good morning for a long, long time!

At that time, he worked as an accountant and ran several companies, working mainly from home. I had not planned anything important, so I could go on vacation for 1-2 weeks without any problem. Therefore, I accepted your invitation without thinking about it. The children were also crazy because they really wanted the beach!

This time, the choice fell on Tunisia. It was a two room suite in a very good 4 star hotel. We took an all-inclusive trip, so it was an excellent test for my secret recipe! And, of course, I was impatient to see Pablo’s behavior during the holidays.

All his attention was focused only on me. Yes, that was my little personal victory!

A week later, we were already enjoying a warm Tunisian beach, an incredibly clear sea and the sound of the waves.Pablo did not take his eyes off me and did not leave me for a minute. All his attention was focused only on me. There was no looking at anyone else. Yes, that was my little personal victory!

We ate everything we wanted, and in the amount we wanted . Meat, potatoes, beer, scrambled eggs with bacon, buns, cakes – my diet included a complete set of Tunisian ” all inclusive ”. I ate very little because the truth is that I did not want very much. Of course, every morning I did not forget about my Black Latte cup .

Black Latte

And, in the afternoon, after the children fell asleep after spending all day playing and swimming in the pool, Pablo and I drank wine while standing on the balcony of our room, talking about things and watching the full moon . Then, Pablo took me in his arms and took me to the bedroom where we made love with such passion that we had not had since we met. And that was the way it was every day. I felt like a goddess!

On the last night, before we left, standing on the balcony, Pablo mysteriously asked me to close my eyes. I closed them and heard him quickly enter the room and then come back.

– Open the! – Pablo said a little nervous.

I opened my eyes. In front of me was Pablo, on his knees. In his hands he held a gold ring.

– Maria, do you want to marry me? 
I almost fainted. I’ve been waiting for that for 7 long years!

I dreamed of that moment every day and I imagined how he was going to tell me. I felt tears begin to fall quickly down my cheeks.

– Are you kidding? – Back then, I was not able to say anything more intelligent.

– Not a shred! You are the best and the most beautiful in the world, I want you to be my wife . I’m serious! I do not want to come and go anymore. I want us to always be together!

I started crying and hugged Pablo, whispering in tears: “Yes, I want!”

Immediately after arriving home, we went to the civil registry.

I completely forgot my weight. During the 10-day all-inclusive break and Black Latte, I lost 7.5 kg.

With the marriage, I completely forgot my weight. I weighed myself only after returning. This time, for 10 days of all-inclusive rest and Black Latte , I lost 7.5 kg. Of course, I did not lose 1 kg a day like at the beginning, but you have to keep in mind that while on vacation I did not eat in the same way as always.

Since then, I have not even tried to lose weight. I started taking Black Latte every two days. But, despite that, I lost another 5 kg for the wedding day .

Our alliance with Pablo was very fun. Laura was my witness – we became very good friends during all that time. I am immensely grateful to you for having shared your recipe to lose weight so simple .

Pablo confessed to me that, secretly, he always wanted me to be thin

Later, Pablo confessed to me that my transformation drove him crazy . She said that, in secret, I always wanted her to be thin and that she never stopped imagining me with the body I have now. Of course, he had never told me because he did not want to offend me. After all, he is very sensitive to me!

Black Latte Charcoal

PS Pablo and I have been officially husband and wife for 3 months, and we are thinking of selling our two apartments to buy a common one that is bigger, wider and more comfortable.

Now, I weigh 62 kilos and 300 grams, and my weight does not increase even though I have not taken Black Latte fora month . In the end, I lost 26 kilos and 100 grams and even after more than 7 years of relationship with Pablo, I still feel like the most beloved woman in the world.  It’s a fantastic feeling that I’ve deserved!

I have lost 26 kilos and 100 grams. My dream has come true!

My dream has come true! And everything turned out to be even better than I had dreamed! Yes, it is true that the case with Laura helped me, but it was just an opportunity that I had taken advantage of.

Each one of us has such opportunities in life even if we have to wait a long time. Unfortunately, many people lose them because of the endless problems of daily life, lack of money and distrust of everything.

Try to see your opportunity always and in everything: in any event around you, in people who for some reason have come in your way, in stories that for some reason called your attention and that you read – in everything! And, when you have recognized her – grab her with all your strength! Precisely this is the secret to achieve true happiness . After taking advantage of your opportunity, you will see that your life will be much better than what you had imagined.

When I heard Laura, I also thought it was impossible at first. But, still, I tried your recipe, Black Latte , because we can not know everything in advance. After all, I could just smile skeptically and move on. And then nothing would have changed! Besides, I would not even know I had lost my chance …

For those of you who have decided to be happy, beautiful, attractive and eternally desired, I will do the same thing that Laura did for me when I came to visit her. I’ll show you where to find the Black Latte manufacturer’s website that she told me about. Simply click on the green button with the words “GO TO THE MANUFACTURER’S WEBSITE” that you will see below and it will open. Everything else is in your own hands.

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